Eva Herzigova and Gregorio marriage

Eva Herzigova Gregorio marry her, after 14 years and three children
rehearsal before the big step with the entrepreneur Gregorio Marsiaj? Yet the supermodel has always claimed not to be a fan of marriage …
Eva Herzigova - Gregorio Marsiaj
Eva Herzigova has made official – according to a report in the Daily Mail – the engagement with the Italian Gregorio Marsiaj. The Czech-born supermodel, 44, and the entrepreneur from Turin, 40, have three children: George, aged nine, Philipe, 6, and Edward, 3. “I’m not a fan of marriage,” he told Eve in the first time of his association with Marsiaj in 2002. “a relationship is evolving and often stops this loving marriage progression”. In fact, he added, “I’m a very independent girl and I like solitude. I am like a cat: I like being caressed, but I also need to go away and then return. ” But there were other times.
“Discovery” 16-year-old career to the top for another 20, Eva has been part of that small group of so famous supermodels do not need the last name: Cindy, Linda, Naomi, Claudia, Kate. At launch it into the stratosphere, a campaign for Wonderbra (Hello Boys) became historical, then the catwalks around the world, the weekly and monthly covers, success with designers such as Gianni Versace, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino. Claims she was “impossible ”, admits that working with her in those years was very difficult because of the overwhelming amount of commitments. Then, a marriage with Tico Torres, drummer of Bon Jovi in 1996, followed by a divorce in 1999. The stable love comes with Gregory in 2002 … And after 14 years together, now is the time of marriage

Eva Herzigova - Gregorio Marsiaj


Eva Herzigova _9950
CANNES, Models attends ‘The Unknown Girl (La Fille Inconnue)’ Premiere duirng the annual 69th Cannes Film Festival Photo/Gigi Iorio/Newspictures

Eva Herzigova_26372

Eva Herzigova - Gregorio Marsiaj

Eva Herzigova - Gregorio Marsiaj

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Eva Herzigova - Gregorio Marsiaj


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