Victoria Beckham for Target Launch Party

Victoria Beckham and Target Bring Out Jessica Alba, Naomie Harris, and Zoe Saldana for Some Sun and Shopping.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham   brought a touch of England to Los Angeles  on Saturday for the launch party of the Victoria Beckham for Target collection, at Mohammed Hadid’s residence in Bel-Air, the party was full of English roses — both planted on the extensive grounds as well as printed onto the various pieces of apparel and in the flower crowns that guests could make.

Victoria Beckham -Jessica Alba

I love the fact that she is a female designer, designing for women,” noted Saldana wearing the Victoria Beckham for Target black pleated culotte pants and black twill tank top. “Any woman can wear the collection, rock it, and feel beautiful.” The much-anticipated collection consists of 200-plus pieces in sizes ranging from XS to 3X, the majority of which are under $40. “I am very proud of it,” said Beckham of her collaboration—and her price point. “It is the first time I will be able to celebrate women and empower women all around America, no matter what their budget.”

Victoria Beckham

Naomie Harris

Kate Mara

The pop-up shop



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