All the Stars on TIME 100 Gala NYC

Top red carpet looks at the Time 100 Gala

Ashley Graham

The Time 100 Gala in New York. With an impressive guest list, ranging from Margot Robbie, Blake Lively and Naomi Campbell to Chrissy Teigen and Ashley Graham, it’s no surprise that the A-listers’ fashion was a sight to behold.Naomi Campbell


Blake Lively
To attract all the flash is, as usual, the beautiful Blake Lively, who enchanted in an important dress with multicolor fringe, floral motif and a worthy neckline. Even Margot Robbie, in her candid, beaded and rhinestone dress, and Ashley Graham, in a really hot black shirt, were no less.
But they are not the only ones: from the always chic Fan Bingbing to the morigerated Naomi Campbell, who has dressed the most authoritative stars night, according to Time Magazine.

Margot Robbie

Blake Lively- Ryan Reynolds

Demi Lovato

Blake Lively


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