The Artist Napoletano Genny Di Virgilio makes homage to France

The Master Genny Di Virgilio pays tribute to Macron’s new French president by dedicating a statuette.
Genny Di Virgilio_41170

Even the newly elected president of France ended up on the Neapolitan crib. To homage to Macron, with a statuette in his image and likeness was master Genny Di Virgilio. As he has already done for all the other celebrities in the world of politics, entertainment and culture, Di Virgilio did not want to miss the opportunity to include also the new French head of state, the vast group of prominent, but well known, Who populate his crib.Genny Di Virgilio_41169

Genny Di Virgilio_41168

The master Genny of Virgil and his historic and magical workshop of Neapolitan cribs in San Gregorio Armeno.
The Art of Art. From 1830 The Handcrafted Bottega of Genny Di Virgilio.
In the heart of Naples, in San Gregorio Armeno, in the most famous street in the world for presepi art, is located the Di Virgilio shop.Genny Di Virgilio_41161
Of Virgilio, of that family who devoted with excitement and genius to the presepi art for four generations, the latter is today represented by Genny, he also as his father and before his grandfather, is an exceptional master of terracotta processing Neapolitan, an art now few, very few as the realization of subjects or objects to be inserted into the nests requires great wit and creativity.

Genny Di Virgilio_41153

The Virgin Family of his father in his son for about two centuries has handed over this incredible craft of art, wonderful shepherds whose faces are unique specimens, molded and painted one by one to give each statuette an unrepeatable soul. All the specimens of Neapolitan shepherds have crystal eyes, wooden limbs, body made up of iron wires and cleverly assembled hemp, the dresses are dressed in hands expert with the fine silk of San Leucio, enriched by trimmings, flakes, galliums, cordons In gold or silver, as well as every detail of shepherds is meticulously and realistically reproduced with mastery of manual.

Genny Di Virgilio_41163

Genny Di Virgilio_41162


Genny Di Virgilio_41164
Genny Di Virgilio_41166
Courtsey / Facebook Genny Di Virgilio   www.divirgilioart.com




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