The Cal 2018: The Calendar Pirelli

Shades, shapes and colors of Tim Walker’s Pirelli 2018 Calendar

The Call 2018

The Pirelli Calendar 2018 was unveiled
Presented six months after shooting in London, the Pirelli 2018 Calendar has been featured by protagonists as “a dream job,” “everything I’ve always wanted” and “chaotic – in the best possible way”. Tim Walker has a cast compost from 18 characters, including musicians, actors, models, political activists. The theme of the 45th edition of the Pirelli Calendar is “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, revisited by the British photographer through its unmistakable style.

The Call 2018

The Call 2018

The Call 2018


Pirelli 2018 Calendar, backstage
New York – They are very beautiful, dreamy and strong, images of the backstage of the Pirelli 2018 Calendar taken by Italian photographer Alessandro Scotti during the intense days of work with Tim Walker at work with his 18 actors starring in a studio in London in May last.
In twenty magic boxes, the English photographer who has been a pupil of Richard Avedon and who had the idea of ​​inspiring Alice’s adventures in the Land of Wonders, portrayed his characters embodying the dark fairy tale of today with the Bianconiglio becoming black like all the cast all Black of this The Cal with the values ​​of inclusion and equality, because as one hour ago Sean “Diddy” Combs said at a press conference at The Pierre in New York, “the future is the black excellence “.

The Call 2018

The Call 2018

The Call 2018


The Call 2018

The Call 2018
The Call 2018
Images: courtesy by Pirelli

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