The Wedding of The Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

On 19 May 2018, the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle took place at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. Meghan_Harry_77358
Harry and Meghan, the official photos of the Royal wedding.  – 
Royal Wedding: the photo-story of Harry and Meghan’s day
Modern. Lovers. Out of the rules. The day of the new Dukes of Sussex can be summarized as follows: for the world only Harry and Meghan. Within a few hours, from morning to 10 hours Italian time in the early afternoon, the couple made the world understand that it will do its way, beyond any protocol or real diktat. As was their marriage. Modern people said, with over 100,000 people arrived in Windsor, the people invited to the palace gardens to follow the day, a bevy of Hollywood celebrities among the guests (from the Clooney couple to Serena Williams, David and Victoria Beckham to the Suits cast) series in which the bride acted) that took away a little dust from the usual aristocrats present with their tights and their hats.


Marriage promises in which the word “obedience” does not appear. Lovers. It became clear to everyone when Harry and Meghan found themselves at the altar. “You look incredible,” he whispered as soon as he saw her. And then he never stopped eating it with his eyes, crying at the moment of the vows and not being able to almost put the wedding ring on her. And then the kisses exchanged out of the protocol (she who asks him appeba out of the church “Can I kiss you now?”), Laughter and smiles, jokes (“Now I’m ready for a drink” Harry told her going up in the carriage). Out of the rules with a lecture by Reverend Michael Curry citing Martin Luther King and civil rights, a gospel choir that sang “Stand by me”, an icon by Ben E. King of 1962, leaving Queen Elizabeth and Prince a little stunned Filippo. The bride in white with a dress by Givenchy by Claire Wight Keller (costing just over € 229,000 and homage to England her adopted land) and a hand-embroidered 5-meter long train even if she is divorced. Because for her this is the marriage of life. Beautiful, smiling and relaxed, Meghan has hit the target conquering everyone.











On 19 May 2018, the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle took place at St GeorgeÕs Chapel, Windsor Castle. ©Kensington Palace/



Courtesy Photo./ ©Kensington Palace




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